Why people choose us.

At Car Save Tampa, we strive to be different! 

Our dealership was established in 2014 by two gentlemen, who combined have been in the automotive business for nearly 75 years! Their expertise in this business has consistently put smiles on the faces of families in the Tampa Bay area for the last 3 years.

3 Reasons why we are different.

  1. We decided to never employ a salesman on our team to not pressure any of our customers…ever.

  2. We specialize in clean cars with low mileage and only from the state of Florida!

  3. We provide you with lifetime labor at $40 an hour for any repairs or fixes that need to be made to the vehicle you own by us.

Our Standards

  1. Vehicle must be from the state of Florida for us to buy.

  2. Condition of the vehicle must be 3.5 or higher ( 5.0 = perfect car)

  3. Vehicle must have clean car fax and title.

  4. Average mileage per year cannot exceed 12,000; Toyota being the only exception and trade-ins with all service records.

Have good credit? 


Have bad credit?

It’s okay!

Everyone is approved!


Financing is available for everyone, whether you have good credit or not! 

Lowest interest rates in town

We can help you build your credit!

Our Mission


Since 2014, our mission has been to put smiles on each and every customer’s face that steps foot onto our lot. With no car salesmen employed at Car Save Tampa, our owners, Nelson and Andrew, will personally take care of all your needs. Whether it is a cash, in-house financing, or a 3rd party deal, we will give you a truthful and honest deal.

In addition, we offer 1,000 mile or 30 day warranty, which ever one comes first on Engine, Transmission, and A/C. If any problems occur within the first 30 days or 1,000 miles, both labor and parts will be taken care of by us.

In the future, any repairs or replacements that need to be made to your vehicle will only cost you $40 an hour for as long as you own a car from Car Save Tampa.

“Customers are our #1 priority”