5 steps to take when visiting a used-car dealership.


For the longest time, we have all been skeptical about the used-car dealerships in our local neighborhoods. Some of us don’t trust the vehicles they sell, others don’t believe in buying pre-owned vehicles, and there are even those who don’t give used-car dealerships a chance from the stories they have heard.


It is very simple. Our money is valuable to us and we work hard for it! If we are buying a vehicle, we want one that will last and be worth our money. If we finance, we want to pay monthly the car payment and not have to waste extra money on repairs and fixes to the new car we just bought.

How does one find a great vehicle at a used-car dealership?

Whether you are a male or female, it doesn’t matter. We can all listen and look for the right vehicle for the best price at our local used-car dealership. But not every dealership will have the car for you. Remember that!

First step: Ask for the car fax and vehicle’s VIN number. If a dealership refuses to give you these two request, then you have found your first problem.

Second step: When looking for a vehicle, it does not need to come with zero mileage. The best pre-owned vehicles range from 20,000 to 80,000 miles.

Third step: Make sure it is a car from the southeastern part of the United States. Why? The snow and salt on the roads will rust the bottom of any vehicle over time in the northern states. Car dealerships who are unethical will spray black paint on the bottom of a vehicle to make the rust blend in and essentially become unnoticeable to you. Vehicles are also much cheaper when they are purchased from the north because of the high likeliness of rust.

Fourth step: Not all, but some used-car dealerships have the tenancy to sell vehicles with accidents and bad service records. With the VIN number, you can check the car fax and see all that has been done to the car.

Fifth step: Identify how many owners the car has had through the car fax, if the vehicle has been sold many times…. there’s usually something wrong.

Most Important step: Trust yourself and be patient when looking for a vehicle. Do your research and come see us at Car Save Tampa with any questions or concerns.



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