1st Annual Mother’s Day Special 

Easy. Fast. Honest.

We sell the best pre-owned automobiles in the Tampa Bay area!

We are proud to announce our 1st Annual Mother’s Day Special | $1,000 Discount with every purchase made at Car Save Tampa | To receive the $1000 Discount call/text our 24 hour sales line: 813.359.0088 

Our Standards

  • All vehicles are from the state of Florida
  • All vehicles come with clean car fax and titles
  • Our average vehicle comes with 40-80,000 miles
  • Vehicles average mileage per do not exceed 12,000 miles

Our Warranty

  • 30 Days/ 1,000 Miles warranty on the Engine, Transmission, and A/C. If anything happens within the 1st 30 days or 1,000 miles, we will personally cover both labor and parts.
  • After the 30 Day/ 1,000 Mile warranty is over, we offer labor for lifetime at only $40 an hour.

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