With over 75 years of combined experience in the automotive business, we here at Car Save make the buying experience a pleasurable one for each of our clients. We believe in financing the person, not the car. Always with the lowest interest rates in town. Compare for yourself. Lastly, the incentive we offer at Car Save is lifetime labor at $40 an hour. No credit check required whatsoever!

We first purchase cars and trucks with clean car faxes, and then have the Auction do a post-sale inspection to guarantee the quality of the vehicle. If any repair greater than $500.00 is required we simply do not buy the car or truck.

We guarantee financing for everyone whether you have $500.00 down or $5000.00 down. We guarantee you will drive out the day you walk in or we will give you $500.00 in cash. At Car Save, we highly believe in the satisfaction of our clients being very important to us, therefore you will never see any people work for us. Instead, at arrival my partner and I, who are the owners of Car Save, will be the only car salesmen you speak to throughout your experience here.

In addition, we at Car Save understand the process for you to complete the buying decision can take multiple visits. At Car Save, we never pressure the client.

“Customers are our #1 priority.”