In 1908, Henry Ford changed the world by providing an affordable vehicle to the american people. In the early nineteenth century automobiles were only for the rich, but thanks to Henry Ford there is now over 250 million cars and trucks just alone in the United States.

With that said, how many of us periodically check our windshield wipers blades, car tires and fluids?

  The answer to that is simple, we simple procrastinate and prioritize other activities instead of checking the condition of our vehicles often.

  • Wiper blades are averagely replaced every 6 months to a 12 month lifespan.

  • Car tires should be changed averagely from 25,000 to 50,000 miles.

There are 5 main fluids you should check once a month.

  1. Engine oil – Pull out the dip stick, clean it with a towel and insert it back into the pipe. Then, pull out the dip stick and check the level of oil present on the tip. Make sure the oil looks clean and level is above the average mark. This will allow your car to run smooth!

  2. Coolant tank – Make sure the level is not below the average level labeled on the tank. This will allow your car to not overheat!

  3. Brake fluid – Most important fluid by far. Make sure the level is above the line that indicated on the tank. Oil should be changed every two years.

  4. Transmission fluid – (Not indicated on the picture, but usually behind the windshield washer. If the fluid is brown or black it means it is time to get a transmission oil change.

  5. Windshield washer – From all the pollen, it is the most frequently used in Florida. Read the level indicated on the tank and make sure it is at or above the line labeled.

You’re set for a safe ride!